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Our Top 5 New Spotify Apps Revealed

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I have been a loyal user of Spotify since its U.S. launch back in July 2011. Luckily because of my ASCAP membership I was one of the first few hundred to receive an invite as it launched. The new App addition has been an interesting experience thus far.

Spotify has entered new realms with the app integrations and as the company continues to grow, I look forward to seeing the streaming music service reach new heights. Thus far, I have reviewed all 12 of the new Spotify apps that were released in late March. Out of those 12 apps the following are my top 5:


What I like the most about Filtr Spotify app is how easy it is to use, and the simplicity of the app itself. If you aren’t one to spend hour searching for music that caters to your taste, this app is definitely for you. If you aren’t happy with the playlist it creates through the automated search engine you can refresh and find more selections. The interface is very smooth and simple. There were no play-back problems unlike many of the other apps added to Spotify recently. I recommend this for those who want quick and easy playlists to cater to their listening experiences.


This Spotify app focuses on showcasing many unique indie artists. Based out of the U.K., it was insightful enough to offer a wide range of incredible music I was previously unaware of. Song after song, I was highly impressed with all the music featured in the Pias Spotify app and continued to build my wide range of taste by using the app. The best apps will introduce you to music you were didn’t know existed and that’s what I believe the most important part of the music streaming experience is all about.

The Legacy Of

Once again, we are reminded of the legendary artists that shaped the attitudes and inspired much of what we listen to today. This Spotify app gave a comprehensive catalogue of some of yesterday’s finest music makers. You can never know what the future holds in creativity if you have no idea where it came from and how it shaped the art we love and appreciate today. This app has much potential and as more legendary artists are added to its database, the more I will continue to be an appreciative user.


Though I am completely ignorant to the works of classical artists, it doesn’t make me any less a fan of the art itself. Though today’s popular music is more about image and dance appeal, it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the classical works that instrumental music is responsible for. I have always been a fan of the beautiful sounds that come from piano, strings, and horns. This app is a must for any student who needs a little melodic motivation during study hours. It proved to be one of the most impressive apps as it served its purpose greatly with incredible functionality.


This Moodagent Spotify app has been one of the most unique social music apps I have reviewed thus far. The intelligence of the app itself is something to be impressed by, as mood is something I find difficult to measure using analytics. I’ve spent much time just simply playing with its diverse user appeal and addicting playlist mix-matching. If you just want to sit back and let the feel of the music guide your play-back experience, just click the mood you’re in and let the app do the rest. Another look into the future of the digital DJ experience.