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An Open Letter to My Mom

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Dear Mom,

It’s Mother’s Day and it’s finally the day that you’re truly happy. Not because it’s a day off for you but because you’re finally happy. You and Mother’s Days don’t mix. There have been countless times where you were hurt on those Sundays in May (not by me, just to be clear). Mother’s Day is supposed to be a day rest and relaxation. Like other moms you work around the clock – early mornings, late nights, and even weekends to ensure that your kid is healthy, happy, and alive; since I’ve grown into a man your hours have grown more lax yet you still continue to work those hours. There isn’t a day that goes by where I reminisce and think of a simpler time where you baked Pillsbury cookies, or when you instill tough love and discipline after acting like a huge jerk in school. I remember the times where you would take me to the movies at 11 in the morning and stay all day until two or three in the morning just watching movies, a hobby of mine that I will one day pass on to my children. And, yes mom, I remember the times where the stars were our roof and whether we would be able to make ends meet would cripple our expectations of a sunny morning. That was a time where my days were black and my nights were darker and yet you helped me see the light. You broke your back to ensure that I would be okay at your expense. My appreciation for you and everything that you’ve done for me over these past years may not be enough to repay you but it may be something you want to hear.

Every mother wants to hear that they are appreciated. Whether you’re a new mother or you’ve been raising a wolf pack of children since 1985, your family appreciates everything you do even if they don’t verbalize or show it. Show your mom your love and tell them that you care. For the 365 days they work, it’s about time you show your mom the care and respect she deserves.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.



Jonathan Silva

Jonathan Silva is a graduate and current student at Full Sail University going for his Master's Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing for film blogs like Get The Big Picture or listening to music, he's either watching movies or playing video games. His love for all things entertainment shine through in his writing.
  • Rose Silva

    Thank you Kid, I’m so proud of who and what you’re becoming (a wonderful young man). You’ve always find the right time to speak to my heart, I ask GOD to continue blessing you with HIS abundant grace. I love more than me.