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Open Letter to Mimi Faust

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Mimi Faust and Stevie J Daughter
Dear Mimi,

For the past few years I’ve watched your life play out on my TV screen. I’ve watched you go through both highs and lows in your personal and professional life. I’ve watched you flipped out on Joseline Hernandez for her relationship with Stevie J. You’ve called her everything from a dirty bitch to a home-wrecking whore. You’ve criticized Joseline for the way she dresses, her business etiquette, and her stripper past. Yet, here you are, assed out, in a whole new kind of reality.

Now, I know calling it a “sex tape” gives you the out to pretend your not a porn star and this is not a porn, but let’s put our big girl panties on and call it what it is, shall we? I mean, where were you when the whole world put Kim Kardashian, Farrah Abraham, and so many more desperate women like yourself in their place on this topic? Sex on tape is called porn. The people having sex are called porn stars. It’s not that hard, really.

And the fact that it coincidentally came out right before the new season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta starts, which is rumored to be all about your sex scandal, even further proves that this was a means to make money, or a poor attempt to make yourself relevant.

From one mother to another, I can only hope that some how, some way, your precious daughter never comes across mommy’s “sex tape”. Perhaps her new Step-Mom can help teach her boundaries on how to be sexy without being slutty. I only hope that this season’s episodes show you in your true form instead of the innocent, classy woman that you have tried to be thus far. Everything that is done in the dark, must come to light, Mimi. Especially when you put a camera in the room.

Good luck in your new porn career!



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