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Oh, Common, say it ain’t so

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OK before I start, I must admit that I haven’t invested one second of my time figuring out what the Common-Drake beef is about or if it’s even real. So, here is my quick hypothesis on how the whole thing started: Common slipped a line in a song on his new album or exclusive track that might have been referring to Drake. If it wasn’t referring to Drake, over speculation perhaps? If it’s an authentic beef (which I doubt it is, if not Common is pathetic of Drake is a higher caliber writer than I credit him for) and is acknowledged by both parties, what could the beef be over?

I mean Serena Williams is a fine woman but say it ain’t so Joe?

Ugh. I’m so tired of rap beefs, especially the ones to boost record sales. That is so ‘06. Not
even “gangsta” rappers beef with each other any more.
Like, Common, really? Your last album was so shaky I’m not surprised at your assume tactic.
Don’t get me wrong, you’re my top 5 personal favorite rappers but I can’t tolerate this —
especially by someone with your resume.

This is the Common that dropped “The B**** In Yoo.” Why are you shooting at anyone? The same Com’ that rocked the White House?

Drake sings and does other weird stuff with his voice and body

“He opened his mouth and said some things,” said Common on Sway in the Morning, “so if he
want–then say what he want [inaudible].”
(For MTV’s timeline of the queef, click here)
Common is way too old for this. Every one knows this. Maybe that’s why I don’t care and won’t
invest my time in learning about the beef. Because it’s inauthentic, boring, and flat–kinda like

I’m happy to see the senseless queefing between two great artist die down, but why is Common still doing interviews about the situation. Drake is a smart artist and he knows that he can’t win a lyrical battle with Common, so props to him for keeping things “Canada Dry.” On the other hand Common, say it ain’t so homie?

P.S. The picture above is me and Common at his album signing in 2008…