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O-Town To Reunite

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Wait a minute? O Town is coming back? Buy those reunion tickets now

Wait a minute? O Town is coming back? Buy those reunion tickets now

O-Town was the original band birthed by reality TV. They were, at the time, a pretty popular band with a couple hits and two albums. They were actively making music from 2000 to 2003 before splitting. Recently, it was reported that the group is set to reunite for a new American tour. Are you just as excited as I am?

Well, I’m not that excited. I was eight years old when O-Town was a ‘thing.’ From what I could remember was that I hated them, as any adolescent boy would have. There was nothing that really appealed to me. Plus, I was more a N*Sync guy. I loved N*Sync; is that gay?


The most memorable thing about O-Town is that they were ‘created’ on an ABC show under the guidance of Lou Pearlman. He molded them and eventually molested them.


Back to the main point: O-Town. They weren’t that interesting to me and many others probably feel the same way. They had an adequate fanbase with two albums worth of music. Most of their fans are all grown up and have moved on, musically, to other artists. Them coming back would bring back nostalgic memories for those 27 people.


How would the band appeal to a new audience? There is literally only one boy band out there and they’re One Direction. Girls love One Direction because they can sing, make great songs, and are young. O-Town, no matter if they can sing or make great music, they’re old; they’re old farts. Why would young girls what to listen to 14 year old songs sung by middle-aged dudes? The reunion is only for nostalgic thirty-something women who want to relive their best moments in life.


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