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NEW STUDY REVEALS: The Top 5 Deal Breakers for Both Men & Women

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With Valentine’s 2014 weekend upon us, many will start new relationships and others will strengthen their current relationship. On the other hand, there will be another group of individuals that won’t be able to quite “seal the deal.”

National Bestselling Author and Relationship Expert, Armani Valentino, releases new independent study of the Top 5 Deal Breakers for both men and women. He hopes that this information will be used to help improve male/female relationships.

In the study, 73% of the respondents were female and 27% were male. Over half (54.7%) of the respondents were single and had never been married. Another 25% of the respondents were divorced. The rest of the respondents were either married (12.5%), separated (6.3%), or widowed (1.5%).

Nearly one-third (60.9%) were between the ages of 30-39. The second and third largest group that responded was between 40-49 (17.2%) and 21-29 (14.1%); respectively. The remaining respondents were ages 50-59(4.6%), 60+ (1.6%), 17 & under (1.6%).

Amazingly enough, men and women agreed on the first and the last deal-breaker. The respondents were simply asked to list, in order of importance, their top deal-breakers. Here were the results:

Women & Men
#1 – Lying, Dishonesty, Untrustworthy, Not able to Keep Your Word

#2 – (Women) – Financially unstable, No Job, No desire for more, No Ambition

(Men) – Not feeling morally supported or Too Much Negativity from mate

#3 -(Women) – Cheating & Infidelity

(Men) – Lack of Sex, Bad Sex, and Infrequent Sex

#4 – (Women) – Not believing in the same Religion, Lack of Spiritual Life, Disbelief in God or Not Attending Regular Spiritual Service

(Men) – Cleanliness of Body & House, Unhealthy Habits (smoking, drinking, drugs, eating, etc.) & Unhealthy Weight

Women & Men
#5 – Poor Communication, Controlling, & Lack of Compromise

Valentino says, “The results were a little surprising to me. I was a little shocked to see that finances outranked, cheating & infidelity, as well as spirituality and communication.” When asked about why he thought this may have been the case he stated, “I’m not sure. However, I do know that some of the women admitted to me that they would stay with a man they knew was cheating before they stayed with a man that did not make enough money to do the things she desired.”

With much of life being viewed almost instantly through social media, access to the world at large and desire to live like we see others, may have had a somewhat negative effect on our male/female relationships. Valentino agreed.

Whatever relationship category you may be in this Valentine’s weekend, Mr. Valentino suggests, “Make sure you know what you want, and don’t allow that to be dictated or heavily influenced by anyone other than yourself.”

Armani Valentino is the author of the National Bestselling book, 99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him & Definitely Before Having SEX, and 9 other books including bestsellers – The Love Triangle, Why Do We Hurt Each Other, and This Is Why I Won’t Marry You. Since 2008 he’s been a Certified Marriage/Family Champion for the TwoGether in Texas. He’s been featured on national, regional, and local media since 2007, and is available for radio, television, and print interviews upon request.

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