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New Evidence Found In Kurt Cobain Suicide

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Photo by P.B. Rage

Kurt Cobain, the frontman and songwriter of Nirvana, is considered to be one of the greatest rockers in history. In an interview with upcoming artist Dan Samuel, he claimed that Cobain might just be his favorite rocker. After feeling unhappy, Cobain took his own life around April of 1994. This past April was the 19anniversary of the grunge rocker’s suicide and it was celebrated with new crime scene photos. However, one photo was just released over the weekend, which may bring closure for some fans.

Many fans of Nirvana think Cobain’s then wife Courtney Love was responsible for his death and this new photo may prove their suspicions right. Between the Kennedy assassination and what ever happened to Jimmy Hoffa, the Kurt Cobain suicide has sparked many conspiracy theories.


In the photo, Courtney Love seems to be behind the curtain of Cobain’s home moments before the police and paramedics showed up.

What does this mean for the case?


Cobain’s death was ruled a suicide 19 years ago but will Seattle PD reopen the case?


Whatever happens, if Courtney Love sees this post, you know she won’t be happy. What she may have missed was that this is satirical.




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