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New Artist to Watch In 2014: Jetta




There is a new artist breaking into the music world at a break neck speed. Going from making her music videos with friends on a cell phone to being signed by a label in the UK, Jetta is up and coming and someone we will be seeing more of in the US very soon. In fact, given her popularity in the UK and style of music, she might be the next Adele here in the states. Even Rolling Stones magazine recognizes her as one of the “10 new artists of 2014 you need to know [about]”.


Her song “Start a Riot” was originally filmed as a music video on an iPhone with her friends until Polydor Records in the UK and LAVA/Republic Records in the US signed her, after which they made a proper music video. Other popular songs include “Feels Like Coming Home”, which she performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month, and “Take it Easy”.


       The daughter of two musicians, her father a sound engineer and her mother part of an acapella group, Jetta got into music at a young age. She was 16 when her mom got her a laptop with a music program and she says “… I spent the rest of the summer locked in my room writing songs and producing like a true recluse”. She sang backup for Paloma Faith and Cee Lo Green. Her success extended further when Google Zeitgeist made her song “Feels Like Coming Home” the soundtrack for their ad campaign. With inspiring music and an inspiring attitude, Jetta will surely be a new sensation of 2014.


“Don’t think about anything. Feel and be first. Think Later. Get lost in the moment” – Jetta