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Myspace TV: Too little too Late

1 2062

When MySpace was purchased by Specific Media last summer I was pretty interested in seeing what would be their plans with my old hangout. I mean just the knowing that Justin Timberlake would be involved in the whole rebuilding process was pretty cool. Not that I think the guy is Sean Parker, but it’s good to see people who actually create music being involved in the restructuring of a social network.

Before June of last Year I had never heard of Specific Media, but what I do know is that they specialize in Video Ads. I thought Rupert Murdock killed MySpace with ads anyway…

I was sitting my in my hotel room chatting with a friend of mines this morning and he said he was at CES in Vegas. I never heard of CES, so I googled it and one of the first things that came up was MySpace TV. When I read that MySpace was launching a social television network I rushed to my old “K-Diamondz” account and logged in. To no surprise It read “MySpace TV coming this Spring.” Why is MySpace so slow in making changes and getting started with the next step in whatever they have going on. It took them five months too launch a new music player, but Tom and Co. launched the entire network in three months.

I mean by the time they launch MySpace TV their competition will of already have brought a similar product to the market. Looking at the screenshot it looks pretty cool, but how long will I have to wait. MySpace kind of reminds me of the U.S Armed forces after September 11 when they would broadcast their plans on capturing Osama Bin Laden a day before the attack. Ten years and several YouTube videos later we finally caught Osama. Hopefully MySpace catches up too..