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MyNation: Why Myspace and Reverbnation Should Consolidate

I’ve been an independent music recording artist for 5 years. The biggest influence on embarking on my music career was Myspace. It was Myspace that led me to the joys of local, regional, and independent music more than anything else. I am a product of the digital and social networking era.

To this day, no other music/social networking service compares to the effect and response I received from posting my work on the Myspace music service. That exposure in itself gave so many new artists a career and superstardom. The reason it was so useful was because it was one of a kind. Before Facebook opened its doors to any and everybody, all they had for social networking online was Myspace. The music was a bonus in which enthralled users, giving unknown artists a fan base.

Fast forward 6+ years and Myspace is still there but irrelevant, being used by virtually nobody. Other music services have attempted to offer independent artists a platform for fans and potential listeners but have yet to make the impact Myspace once had. Reverbnation, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud are probably the most used services for Indie artists but don’t have the social networking strengths to garner continuous use for fans and artists alike. I use every resource possible to increase my exposure and build more fans but its just not enough–not without a large budget and an extensive marketing team. I believe in what Reverbnation is trying to do for independent and unknown artists and still have a love for what Myspace did for me; therefore, I propose a solution.

I’ve come up with a concept that may sound reaching but I believe can save Myspace and give Reverbnation the placement it deserves as a viable and necessary resource for aspiring artists. The concept is called “MyNation” and it is a consolidation of the services offered by both websites. Both sites’ interfaces and uses are very similar and both are suffering from the same shortcomings in their lack of visual stimulation while keeping a simplicity that keeps facebook so user friendly. Myspace’s database can offer Reverbnation a larger platform to work with and R.N’s increased artist resources and services such as EPK Pro give the artist more capability to build fans, find gigs, etc. I also believe Facebook integration would be the key to re-invigorating fans interaction with the music and artists as Myspace once had.

The e-mail logins are the same for all services therefore no new signup is required. As for content, all the sites have to due is transfer existing content into the MyNation network and go from there. Interface and streaming music will be the key to MyNation’s success as well as a proper marketing campaign to unleash M.N into the world. Reverbnation is already linked to Facebook fan pages therefore it’s almost knocking out two birds with one stone. Everything is integrated and shared on Facebook, but content is controlled and updated through MyNation. here is an endless world of marketing tactics that can be used as well as exclusive content for those who choose to share links with fellow friends/fans alike.

Of course technical teams would be responsible for combining the two services but needed since both are already active and struggling for relevance in today’s fast changing digital world. I think this idea is necessary to re-vitalize the fan/artist relationship and give up-and-coming artists a new platform to gain increased fanbase and exposure to their music. As I’ve already stated, I’ve been a music recording artist for 5 years and have used every relevant service there is in order to push my career to the next level. It just doesn’t seem to be enough as of yet, therefore I have come up with this concept in order to hopefully increase the power of an artist to manage their career on their own. All I need now is a way in to the administration offices of both Myspcace and Reverbnation to pitch the idea, because I see no other way to save and re-glorify these incredibly necessary entities.

  • http://twitter.com/RonGreezy Ronald A. Grant

    This is a really good idea, Matt! Thanks for writing this.

    • Matt G

      I would really like this piece to spread across the blogosphere so sharing this link with as many relevant bloggers as possible may spread this idea around.  See if we can’t stir up some more engagements with this concept! Thanks Ronald.