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My Ten Favorite Songs in Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest video of all-time, selling over $1 billion dollars in the three days after its release. While the violence in the game didn’t stagnate sales, it isn’t too far removed from the controversy it garners. Replicating a satirical version of Los Angeles and Hollywood, GTA V takes place in Los Santos where the people worry about the latest phone, fashion and talent shows. When you get the chance to cruise around LS, you may get to hear familiar artists playing on one of the 17 in-game radio stations. There is over 250 songs to listen to and I’ve haven’t heard fifty since I started playing that Tuesday it came out. However, sifting through the music, here are the top ten songs to listen for while playing GTA V.

10. Still D.R.E. – Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg

Coming on fourteen years since its release, Still D.R.E. by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg still remains to be as relevant as ever. Not quite considered a classic but it’s one of the Dr. Dre’s best songs. Being that it doesn’t sound like a 90s gangster rap vibe, it still evokes that image when Snoop Dogg lays down the hook. When driving through the game, you may just want to slow down and cruise through the street.


9. Radio Ga Ga – Queen

Now this one is a classic. The syntho, rock, pop melody shows that this song is truly from the 80s. Yet, there is something timeless about this song and not just this one Queen song but damn near all of them. The chorus will have you tapping your foot while you try to accomplish whatever mission you’re doing. While driving around the greater city area, you will notice that the song fits perfectly amongst the backdrop of fake Hollywood.


8. Give It To Me, Baby – Rick James

I love this song. I really do. The song oozes 80s dance music and with the licks from the guitar, you will truly be off your seat dancing. Oh, just me? Rick James may have had a bigger hit with Superfreak but Give It To Me, Baby was a bigger dance hit at the time of its release. When the song first came on in-game, I pulled over to the side of the road just to listen to it.


7. Party All The Time – Eddie Murphy

For those too young to remember, Eddie Murphy was a singer and he even put out an album. His only real hit was Party All The Time. From time to time, I give this song a listen and it never gets old. Not only can Murphy really sing, the song is influenced by Rick James, which makes it doubly awesome.


6. If You Leave Me Now – Chicago

Possibly one of the biggest bands to do love music this side of Boys II Men, Chicago is known for some of the most popular love songs. With songs like (I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long, Wishing You Were Here, and Hard To Say I’m Sorry in their repertoire, you could see why they’re so popular. In a certain section of the game, you will be singing and sobbing when this song hits the radio.


5. Glamorous – Fergie featuring Ludacris

Why did I put this on here? Mainly because it’s a good song to listen to while your at the strip club. If you do make it to the strip club, you may just here this song blast on the speakers while polygons awkwardly dance on poles around you. You’ll be singing Glamorous, I guarantee it; silently, however, as to not alert your friends and family nearby.


4. One Thing – Amerie

Remember back in 2005 when times damn near the same. Amerie came out with 1 Thing and it blew up to be this big hit, which she never topped by the way. It was considered one of the best songs of that year, behind Gold Digger by Kanye West. Though she never made a hit that was even remotely as big, 1 Thing by Amerie is still a top-notch song with strong vocals and a beat that sounds like it was produced for the likes of Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez.


3. Lady – Modjo

I’ve always thought this song was by Daft Punk until playing GTA V a few days ago. I mean, listen to that beat, the music, the vocals – it sounds like a song from the early Daft Punk days. But no, it’s from Modjo. He only had one album in the US, released back in 2001, and one major hit, Lady. Not much has been heard from him but he’ll forever be immortalized for Lady. Play it and try not to think Daft Punk.


2. A.D.H.D. – Kendrick Lamar

If you loved good kid, m.A.A.D. city, then you should be buying Section.80 right now. His first album didn’t perform well with the masses but I consider it to be on par with his second. A.D.H.D. has a much more powerful message than it lets on. However, the song is just one of those where when you hear, you blast it and bump your head.


1. The Next Episode – Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Nate Dogg

They started this list and now they are going to end it. The Chronic 2001 was such a great album that two songs from it are considered relevant today. The Next Episode is one of them. No matter how many times you hear the song, you have no choice but to sing it out loud for all to hear. On your way to a mission, you may just circle around so that you can hear the song in its entirety.


There are plenty of songs in Grand Theft Auto V but those were my ten favorite. With the massive amount of songs, which songs are your favorite?



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