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Muve Music makes moves in Dallas

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Being a country boy In small town Arkansas I am very familiar with rural mobile carriers like Cricket, Alltell, and US Celluar. So we when I heard that Cricket was coming to the Dallas/Ft Worth area with an unlimited mobile music plan I was pretty excited. Not that I plan on switching over to Cricket, but the fact they are entering a pretty aggressive market that its competitor Metro PC is currently based out of was surprising.

Their digital music service known as Muve Music allows cricket users to receive unlimited full track downloads, unlimited ringtones and unlimited ringback tones without a monthly subscription service. At a fixed price of $55 dollars a month with no contract this is a pretty good deal for a “baller” on a budget. The only drawbacks that I see is that the plan operated on a 3G network and it is only available on a few phones. I’m not sure how successful Muve will, be but the idea of having unlimited music bundled with an unlimited wireless service is very noteworthy.