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VEVO + Indie Blog + YouTube + Human Element = Mutu.TV

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Mutu.TV is a music start up aiming to disrupt the music video space currently dominated by YouTube and Vevo. Mutu.tv combines the curation of an indie music blog, a beautiful design and seamless Facebook intergration to deliver a fantastic video experience. By organizing this high quality content into specific genres and channels, Mutu wants to help users spend less time searching and more time watching. Below is an interview I had last week with Mutu’s Founder Dick Wolf about his recent move to the “Valley” and how he plans to revolutionize online music promotions.

Who are the people behind Mutu.TV?
We have 6 people involved in making Mutu.Tv happen, and each one of them kicks ass. Patrick Leedham, Dustin Tomhave, and Judah Melton are the content managers – our life blood. We have a designer out of Bolivia and a developer out of Indonesia. I’m the founder and do whatever needs to be done. Right now I’m focused on finding a seed investor.

How does it work?
Mutu is a traditional HTML music video aggregation site where we discover and catalog music videos. Sitting on top of this is the autoplayer, a YouTube playback controller connecting to the YouTube API. It’s an interactive MTV with a much wider content spectrum. MTV had 300 videos last year, mutu 6000. If you like discoveing new artist, mutu is where you should be.

Why do you think it is the future of music?
We are the future of music promotion. Music videos have become the number one method for artist to promote themselves. Indie music is the future of music, Mutu is another tool in their arsenal. By indie I mean anyone who isn’t signed to one of the Big 5 Record labels. Due to the Internet and huge price drops in audio/video equipment we are seeing an explosion of indie music. In the next 10 years the music industry will undergo more of a shift then the last ten years.

How does MuTu.TV select its videos?
We follow all the genre blogs/records labels and catalog all new professional quality music videos. Professional quality is a very loose term when applied to art. Looking at hits and Facebook likes helps to make the call when it’s on the fence.

How does Mutu.TV differ from the major online video services like YouTube and VEVO?
Thanks for asking 🙂

Vevo is owned by the Big 5. It’s the same corporations that have owned the music industry for the last 60 years pushing the same product. They only post videos from their labels, and it’s setup to protect their current investment, not promote new music. We have 10 times the quality content as Vevo. Our goal is to deliver music, not push it.

In my opinion YouTube is a back-end system, meaning a database of music videos. (We love you YouTube, don’t take it the wrong way!!) They do have some basic front-end functionality; word string, channel, playlist, etc. We are a front-end system, our focus is finding quality content, categorizing it, and delivering it to the people. We don’t actual host any videos, just stream them from YouTube. There’s 103,680 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every day. People are looking for a couple minutes of that, and we find/deliver it to them. Less time searching, more time watch.

What are some of the challenges that your company is currently facing?
Our biggest challenge is content management. There’s SO MANY music videos out there, the four of us can’t keep up. Now taking application for volunteers…

What is the Mutu.TV’s long term vision?
We are going to beat the competition by having the best content flow. I want users to be shocked by how awesome the videos are geared towards their taste. In order to achieve that we will have 40K music videos cataloged in the next year and are developing an advanced delivery algorithm taking into account Facebook Likes, ratings, and skips. Additionally we have some exciting technical advancements on the horizon including mobile devices and true full screen. Also I’d like to start generation our own content such as music new and talk shows.