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Music Week in Review: Dec. 9th-13th 1 of 3 featuring Childish Gambino, R. Kelly, E-40 and more


Every week I listen to all the notable music releases of the week and give my thoughts at a glance. I’ve been consistently sending fair warning that the closer we get to Christmas the heavier the load will become.


Not be cocky but I do deserve a thank you and medal for the week of Dec 8th through Dec 14th. This week was ridiculous and I had to live, eat and sleep music. If you haven’t updated your playlist this week or checked out the latest music releases yet no worries. You may be way to busy to even know what came out this week. Well lucky for you, I’ve done it for you.


I’ve chosen to break it up in three posts because of the length. Brace yourself; here is the list of notable music releases between the dates of Dec 9th and Dec 13th and my thoughts.

Music Week in Review: Dec. 9th-13th

Childish GambinoBecause The Internet

His real name is Donald Glover; you may know him as a stand up comedian or actor on NBC ‘s Community. He left NBC to keep up with his music career, which has been on the rise over the past three years. Because The Internet is a hip-hop fans wet dream. There are no hit singles on here, this album was not meant to please the radio or gain pop success. He doesn’t need it in the pop world, he’s already the number one hip-hop album download on iTunes. That’s saying a lot considering the amount of albums released this week. This album is a musical masterpiece. He takes us on a journey using The Internet as the theme. The music is progressive and the lyrics have depth. This album is truly art as he accomplishes what few artists do in this on demand culture. Not going for the quick fix but the complete album. Childish Gambino I salute you!


Score – 10

Music Week in Review: Dec. 9th-13th

R. Kelly – Black Panties

One Thing we know about R. Kelly is his album is going to be sexually explicit and he’s going to throw out some sexual metaphors that include comparing sex to food or Jeeps among other things. The album starts off that way. Songs like “Legs Shaking”, “Cookies” and “Marry the P*ssy” set the tone for what looks to be classic R. Kelly over modern production. As we progressed through the album there are a lot of tracks that sound like attempts to stay young. I don’t think R. Kelly has anything to prove, nor do I feel like he needed to fit in with all. Too many songs about stunting, throwing money and turning up. Overall there is a good album within the album. You just have to figure out which album you want to hear and skip through the rest.


Score – 7

 Music Week in Review: Dec. 9th-13th

E-40 – The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil part 4,5 and 6


E-40 released his first solo album on Jive Records in 1992. He is now 20 plus albums deep. E-40 has always been good with balancing his underground street credit with his mainstream industry appeal. He maintains radio play and mainstream features since he left Jive Records about a decade ago. This week he gives a total of 45 songs stretched on 3 CDs. It’s an extension of last years 3 CD release. The content is classic E-40. He sprinkles us with game and shares his street wisdom over his bay area sound production. He brings plenty of appearances from both mainstream and underground rappers including Juicy J, Chris Brown, TI, Rick Ross, Danny Brown and many more. There are a lot of good songs, but it’s a whole lot of music to digest. Almost 3 hours of music to be exact. I honestly think it’s a little much. It would be different if each disk had different theme but by the time I got to the third disk I felt a little fatigued. It’s a good album though, just x3. Maybe you should jam one disk for a month and then move on to the next. Make it last.


Score – 7.5

 Music Week in Review: Dec. 9th-13th

Zach Brown Band – The Grohl Sessions vol. 1 EP

This country band has always had a several layers of music appreciation underneath the country music surface. With the first installment of their experimental EP series they keep their country music roots but blend them with a classic rock sound. I’m fan of Zach Brown’s voice and I think if he wanted to go full on rock-n-roll he could.


Score – 7

 Music Week in Review: Dec. 9th-13th

Ellie Goulding – iTunes Session (EP)

An exclusive iTunes Session From Ellie that is exactly what you think it is. Not a lot to say but she kills it with some songs you’ve probably already heard with her amazingly unique voice.


Score – 8

Music Week in Review: Dec. 9th-13th

7 Days of Funk (Snoopzilla and Dam Funk) – 7 Days of Funk

7 Days of Funk is group that consists of Snoop Dogg who has changed his name again to Snoopzilla and Dam Funk. Dam handles the production and Snoop handles the vocals. The theme of this album is obviously funk music in the lane of George Clinton and Bootsy Collins. Snoop has always been known to dabble in the funk genre; after all I do believe funk is one of his biggest inspirations. Just last year he did a reggae album under the name Snoop Lion. He is obviously bored with music. He’s been very experimental as of late and I’m all for it. Dam and Snoop funk out on this one and the funk heads should be proud.


Score – 7

Music Week in Review: Dec. 9th-13th

Parmalee – Feels Like Carolina

It’s a good old country party with a lot of alternative pop elements to it but not enough to make it top 40. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a country album that really steps out of the pack and pushes the envelope. There are some that come close but for the most part country artists are comfortable with playing it safe. This one is really no exception. Nonetheless it’s a solid release.


Score – 6.5

Music Week in Review: Dec. 9th-13th

Roc Marciano – Marci Beaucoup

I completely understand the goal here. It’s very gritty New York and sample heavy over boom bap drum production. The samples are repetitive, there are very few hooks or change ups and it’s all about the rhymes and street talk. It sounds like I just described 90s Wu-Tang but it’s not even close. I somewhat enjoyed myself at the beginning but there’s no theme or purpose. Eventually it’s just redundant. Roc has “bars” but we can add some music to the equation. It’s decent but far from special.


Score – 4

Take a bathroom break and come back. Two more post to go! To be continued…

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Rating System
10 – Instant Classic – must have
09 – Great Album just short of classic
08 – Good Album recommend checking out
07 – Above average more upside then down
06 – Worth the listen, has a few moments
05 – Average, maybe core fan base will enjoy
04 – You’re not missing much if you skip this one
03 – Bad album- let down
02 – Trash- don’t waste your time
01 – Everyone involved in this album needs to reevaluate their life

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