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Music Video Review: Nick Wilson, Ashes

Nick Wilson in his music video Ashes, directed by Daniel Hearn

Nick Wilson in his music video Ashes, directed by Daniel Hearn

Nick Wilson’s Ashes is a stripped down, barebones melodic song about a strained relationship that has finally made it to its breaking point. The chords strummed by Nick Wilson present a personal take on some of the break up songs heard on the radio to day. There are no bass, drum kits, or overused echoes to convey the voices in your head, there’s just Nick and his guitar. It sounds and feels like a song that we shouldn’t be hearing in the first place; is this a song that meant for only one pair of ears?

The music video that accompanies Ashes is not only well shot, but is pushes the message further. While Nick sings his heart out in the tallest and healthiest looking wheat fields on earth, we get a glimpse of (what seems to be) his previous relationship. We get a small look into the ups of the relationship while we’re bombarded with the downs. No complaints – it ties in with some of Nick’s lyrics:

“I didn’t think it’d be so damn clear/ when you’re so far but so near.”

I really like the way some of this was shot. Besides following our narrator Nick in the wheat field, the entire video is in first person; we’re witnessing the fall of a relationship through his eyes. I didn’t like the actress in the music video. Maybe it was because everything that she did, mainly scowl, seemed generic. Her scowls kind of removed me a bit from the video.

Besides that, the video for Ashes is a great companion piece to a great song. What interested me about the song and video was the artist himself, Nick Wilson. I got to check out the rest of his music and I have to say that he’s an artist to watch.

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