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Music Tech Update: Samsung, Microsoft, Digital Outsells CDs, AOL & T-Mobile

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Last week was a pretty busy week for music tech, with Samsung’s Music Hub Service being the talk of the town for the last seven days.

The unlimited mobile music service; which initially launched on the Samsung Galaxy S III in select European countries will feature a cloud locker service, streaming radio service, personal recommendations and a Music Hub Store with over 19 millions songs to choose from.

Several sources are whispering about Microsoft developing a music service called “X-Box Music Center,” which is suppose to be very similar to Spotify in nature. The rumor stems from a job post made in March by Microsoft subsidiary Musicwave; looking for applicants to help build a massive catalog of music content from multiple vendors and development of innovative users interfaces.” Very typical of Microsoft, if they can’t buy you they will at least try to duplicate you…

For the first time in history, digital music sales outsold CDs in the UK due to the increasing popularity of services like iTunes and Spotify. While revenue for cd and vinyl fell by 15%, digital music sales in the UK made up 56% of all music sales in the first three months of 2012.

On June 1, AOL and T-Mobile announced a partnership which made T-Mobile the exclusive sponsor of AOL’s ‘Original Music Video Series.’ The series includes 12 original video episodes taking viewers through a tour of music hot spots such as Nashville, Seattle and Atlanta; and ending with a free indie band concert in Los Angeles on June 4th.