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The Music 4.5 Smart Radio seminar will take place on Wednesday 26 September, 2-6pm, in the offices of Lewis Silkin on Chancery Lane, followed by drinks and networking.

This is the first time Music 4.5 examines radio and online audio, and the discussions are set to revolve around audiences, revenues, royalties, and sustainable business models.

The seminar is created specifically to bring together radio industry experts, online radio services, broadcasters, licensing and copyright experts, artists, artist managers, music-tech startups, record labels, publishers, entertainment experts and agencies in the UK and Europe, for a productive and informed discussion.

The event is supported by event partners Coadec, Lewis Silkin, MediaTainment Finance, MusicTank, TheFetch, TheNextWeb.

Chaired by industry expert Cliff Fluet of Lewis Silkin, previously with Capital Radio/Global Radio, the Music 4.5 Smart Radio discussion will kick off with a scene-setting keynote by Clive Dickens, co-founder and COO of Absolute Radio, a director of RadioPlayer and a Trustee for the Radio Academy.

David Lewis, founder of consumer behaviour research specialist Audiencenet will share insights from his latest research into the behaviour and attitudes of the next generation radio listeners.

The radio analyst and founder of Totally Radio, Grant Goddard, will debunk some of the common misconceptions with regards to the online radio business model and deconstruct the licensing structures for online audio services.

Addtionally, Pete Downton, director of Cloud Services at Imagination Technologies, and at the vanguard of developing new multimedia experiences, will look at the innovation in music and the digital impact from a radio perspective.

Further in-depth discussions will follow including a panel moderated by media industry expert Greg Grimmer, media partner of agency HMDG, and previously MD of Zed Media. The panel will see Linda Smith, executive chair of Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), Giampiero di Carlo, founder and editor-in-chief of Italy’s leading music website Rockol, Clive Gardiner, previously of We7, and Nikhil Shah, co-founder of Mixcloud, come together to discuss online radio as an advertising medium and the sustainability of the ad-funded model.

The final discussion led by Cliff Fluet, will aim to explore the differences and similarities between radio and audio and where the opportunities lie. Ben Chapman, BBC Audio & Music Interactive, Christian Miccio, CEO of MPme, Samira bin Sharifu of 22tracks, and Andy Harrower, director of Licensing – Broadcast and Online at PRS for Music, will be debating if it is a question of smart radio and dumb audio, algorithmic or human curated music discovery, and the impact of the social sharing behaviour of the ‘playlist generation’.

Agenda and speakers include:

Music 4.5 – Smart Radio
Business models for interactive and streaming music platforms

There is now a plethora of interactive streaming music and audio services online. Are these new services a result of the digital impact and innovation, or simply the least expensive way for online businesses to distribute music? Radio listening has never been greater, but revenues for commercial radio are challenged… who will create radio-like audiences with radio-like engagement, but with the valuation and revenues of online audio services? And what about the next generation of listeners, the ‘playlist generation’? Which business models will be successful? Is there a sustainable model?

14.00 Registrations

14.30 Opening remarks
2Pears welcome and introducing the chair of the day, Cliff Fluet, Lewis Silkin

14.40 Smart Radio – the future of online and terrestrial radio
The human need of listening to something, whether storytelling or music, and the increasing number of ways to deliver content, provide growth opportunities for Smart Radio. New opportunities in the digital world allow radio to be more interactive, more human, less maths-based and more entertaining to people’s ears. So, what’s being done about it, how is the ‘share of ear’ being grown, and how are the business models re-defined to support the increased need for content?
Clive Dickens, Absolute Radio

15.00 Radio – the ticking time bomb of the consumer
The opportunities and challenges facing radio based on the latest research by Audiencenet providing consumer evidence regarding the next generation radio listeners – are they engaging?

David Lewis, Audiencenet

15.20 Exploding the myths and why the business model is what it is
Are the existing UK music royalty structures a financial challenge online radio can overcome, and are the strategies of the broadcast radio sector holding online radio back? Is internet radio in the UK an impossible business model at present?

Grant Goddard, Totally Radio

15.40 Coffee/Tea Break

16.10 Debate: The marketing of online radio as an advertising medium

Can the ad-funded model work for online radio? Where do the advertisers, the ad agencies stand with regards to online radio, and where are the standard online listening metrics, to be provided by whom? Why is there no trade organisation for online radio in the UK? And what about “all rights included” in-store music services and branded radio?

Moderator: Greg Grimmer, HMDG

Linda Smith, RAB
Giampiero di Carlo, Rockol
Clive Gardiner, ex-We7
Nikhil Shah, Mixcloud

16.50 Innovation in music and digital impact – but is it just a different way of distributing music in the old system?
What are the industry metrics and what do they say?

Pete Downton, Imagination Technologies

17.10 Discussion: The difference between audio (eg Spotify) and radio (eg Radio1) – the opportunity missed
Is it a question of smart radio and dumb audio? How to balance the audience desire to discover new music while belonging to a tribe? The threat or opportunity of social recommendations? How do the independent labels fare? And will the ‘playlist generation’ take to curated online radio vs playlist vs simulcast? How are the ‘social recommendations’ acting as a threat to curated content and discovery?

Moderator: Cliff Fluet, Lewis Silkin

Ben Chapman, BBC Audio & Music Interactive
Christian Miccio, MPme
Samira bin Sharifu, 22tracks
Andy Harrower, PRS for Music

17.50 Closing remarks

18.00 – Closing Remarks – Drinks & Networking

Tickets to Music 4.5 Smart Radio can be purchased online here: