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MTV VMAs Cancelled!

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The MTV VMAs have been cancelled in a last minute effort. Word has circulated that MTV CEO Tom Freston, has given word to cancel the 2013 Video Music Awards in a last ditch effort. Months of planning have gone into the show to try and make it one of the best award shows in recent memory but Freston sees doubt in that. He spoke to Rolling Stone a few minutes ago stating:

We have done our best [in the past] to make the sh*ttiest shows possible. With Teen Mom, Buckwild, and that God-awful Ridiculousness, we set out to stain the reputation of MTV that was built in the 80s. When I saw how great of a show this year’s VMAs were going to be, I knew in my heart I had to cancel it. Besides, you really think I’m going to miss Breaking Bad and [my wife’s favorite] Devious Maids? Hell no. If I wanted to watch some 25,000 teenage girls cry and drool over One Direction’s appearance I’d buy a ticket to their concert.”


Seems like Mr. Freston is a tad angry over his position at MTV. Rumors were that NSync were going to perform in a surprise reunion and Lady Gaga as set to open the show. Now that the VMAs are cancelled, how will you spend your Sunday night? I’ll be watching Sunday Best and Breaking Bad.

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