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Mother’s Day 2012- Spotify Playlist

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With Mother’s Day 2012 coming up around the corner, there are millions of ways for you to express thanks to the beautiful woman who brought you into this world.

Whether it’s buying a bottle of perfume, cooking a nice meal or taking her to the movies – moms are always appreciative when they receive “gifts of love” from their babies. Just about every musician or band that I know of has dedicated a song or two to their mom. So in honor of Mother’s Day 2012, we have decided to bring you a special playlist.

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Mother’s Day 2012- Spotify Playlist

The Commodores – Three Times a Lady
Brad Paisley – She’s Everything
Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama
R. Kelly – Sadie
Jay-Z – BluePrint (Momma Loves Me)
Tupac – Dear Mama
Spice Girls – Mama
Etta James – Tell Mama
Kanye West – Hey Mama
Christina Aguilera – Oh Mother
Sindea O’Connor – This Is To Mother You
Alicia Keys – A Woman’s Worth
Working Class Heroes – Mother ( Made Famous by John Lennon)