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Moodagent Spotify App Review

Moodagent Spotify App Review: 4 out of 5

Moodagent is a unique new app used within the Spotify desktop interface in which users create and share playlists based on their current mood. There are four moods to choose from: sensual, tender, happy, and angry. Simply click on which mood best fits your listening experience and control the “mood curve” based on your preferences. Spotify will create an automated playlist based on other users’ settings or allow you to customize your own playlist adding and removing songs that best suit your taste.

Simply save various Mood Playlists and refer back for quick and easy access. The biggest attraction for this app is how simple it is to use and how little interaction is required for the listener to create mood playlists. Moodagent will choose from your most played songs and allow you to create playlists based on one easy click. If you’re in a happy and energized mood, Spotify’s song selection will take you through various levels of “happy” music keeping your listening experience consistent. Maybe you’ve had one of those days and want to release frustrations through tunes. Just find a dark and heavy track, click the purple “angry” curve and your playlist will change to a more suited selection of similar tracks. Expect the genre to be listener friendly, as the app will only select music geared to your personal taste by reading your personal settings and analytics.

As yet another new and unique way to experience music, Moodagent is definitely a neat addition to Spotify’s new app campaign. It seems in the wave of the digital revolution, they still remain at the forefront of fresh and brand new. As I’m always a fan of ways to discover new music I have to rate Moodagent a solid 4 out of 5. The more updates that can be added to improve the experience, the more I look forward to seeing what else Moodagent comes up with in the future.