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Mobile Backstage: Helping Musicians Engage Their Hardcore Fans

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Mobile Backstage is direct-to-fan service that provides highly interactive mobile apps for musicians looking to engage their core audience.

Mobile Backstage provides next level fan engagement by seamlessly connecting artists and fans by uniting artists’ mobile, Facebook and Internet fan communities. Earlier this week, I was able to speak with the CMO, David Hazan, about his companies unique approach to engaging online fan communties.

What inspired the creation of Mobile Backstage?
Mobile Backstage was started by Paavo Bäckman and Jussi Ruusila. They own an indie record label in Hellsinki which was pretty successful with a few #1 songs. They couldn’t find the fan engagement they were looking for with other mobile apps and they decided to create Mobile Backstage. Mobile Backstage is best thought of as a “21st Century fan club.” We help artists create a real-time communities to engage their fans were they live.

How does it work?
It’s an app that you download from the Apple app store, Nokia, or Android Market which can be linked to your website or your Facebook page. This gives you a living, breathing and thriving fan community in which fans are communicating with each other by sharing and creating content. It allows artists the oppurtunity to communicate with their fans as frequently as they want in real-time. Artists love it because they can communicate directly with their “hardcore fans,” that love their music. We are 100% artist focused.

What type of response have you gotten from the artist community?
We are rolling out in the U.S. soon, but the response we have gotten from our 100,000 users has been insane. In the first nine months we had over 9,000 fans creating 250,000 pieces of content. The opportunity to see and share fresh content instead of watered down content that’s already available on Twitter,the artists websites and other networks is the driving point. “Hardcore fans” have already seen this old content so it doesn’t really add any value, and that’s what they get with most of the other apps.

Why is it important for a relatively uknown act to invest in a mobile app?
Every artist no matter how big are small has one major priority which is their core fan base. While they are a lot of tools available for a fan that “likes” an artist music there are very few tools available for the fans that “looove” their music. Thats why it’s so important because it provides an artist with a direct path to engage their core fan base.

What sets Mobile Backstage apart from the other mobile app providers for musicians?
Traditional mobile apps provide squeezed down content that’s recycled where Mobile Backstage provides interactive fan created content that’s fresh. Instead of having passive fan content consumption, Mobile Backstage users are extremely engaged and active. Most traditional apps offer one way communication where the band is putting out a message to the fans. Mobile Backstage offers fan to fan communication, artist to fan communication and fan to artist communication. Most traditional apps are rarely visited after they are downloaded because the content is old and stale. Our apps are constantly revisited because fresh content is always being shared.

What is the long-term vision for Mobile Backstage?
Our plan is that artist at all levels use Mobile Backstage as a way to communicate and engage with their “core” fan base.