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Mindless Behavior’s “All Around The World” Album Review

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Mindless Behavior, a group deemed the urban equivalent of One Direction, released their sophomore album All Around the World on March 12.  Though they have a seriously dedicated fan-base and a superstar management team, their newest album suggests that they may not quite have the skill or charisma to become teen sensations yet.

Mindless Behavior undeniably has promise and under the guidance of Lady Gaga and Vince Herbert, the group may one day rise to superstardom.  As for the moment, All Around the World starts out strong with their title track.  Though the opening riff sounds reminiscent of a Katy Perry track, the song is fun and catchy.  It’s one of those tunes that you’ll find stuck in your head no matter what you try to do to get it out.  “Keep Her on the Low” stays strong as well.  It’s a completely different style, showcasing another side of Mindless Behavior.  It’s harder, yet is still incredibly catchy.  The rest of the album, however, doesn’t stay quite as strong.

Boy bands and terribly cheesy lyrics tend to be synonymous, and Mindless Behavior isn’t immune.  “Used to Be”, when not repeatedly whining about what used to be, sing about having a relationship like “Jay and Beyonce, Brad and Angelina.”  The cheese continues in “Band-Aid” and “Pretty Girl” with the lyrics “I could be your band-aid” and a tale about finding a girl on twitter and looking at how cute she is on Facebook.  They’re young, but that doesn’t excuse these analogies.

Soulja Boy makes a forgettable appearance on a bland “I Lean”, and “Video” tends to fade in the background.  Though the album is overall very lackluster, “Brightside” helps them end on a high note.  It’s fun, catchy, and probably the best track on the album.

Though they may not be at the level to achieve success as other teen sensations, they have the talent that may one day get them there.