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Miguel Signs Deal With WWE

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An artist depiction of what the deal may have looked like if cameras were present.

At the Billboard Awards last Sunday, Miguel was performing his hit Adorn when he tried to jump over some audience members. He didn’t have enough height and failed to land safely; he instead landed atop a woman cheering him on.  Check out the video below. It seems that it may have paid off in the long run.  The action caught the eye of Vince McMahon, CEO of WWE entertainment.



Secret deals have commenced earlier in the week between Miguel and McMahon for a ten-fight contract for the 2014 season.  A source very close to Miguel has come forward to tell So So Active, “Miguel is set to debut on Monday Night Raw, January 13.” The anonymous source goes on, “Miguel is to be fitted for boots later in the year.”  The source also told us that Miguel is working closely with trainers to get his leg move down pat.  The name of the leg drop is to be called The Adorned.


Whether or not he’ll be fighting in the Divas division is yet to known.  For more information on Miguel and his new WWE venture, stay with So So Active.

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