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Miguel Releases Three New Songs on Soundcloud

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The holidays are just around the corner and it seems like new music is the gift that won’t quit giving. After the surprise album release from D’angleo, along with new releases from Nicki Minaj, J. Cole and even PartyNextDoor, Miguel decides to surprise us with new music as well.

Miguel released three new tracks on Soundcloud this Friday, December 19th. The songs titled ‘nwa (featuring Kurupt), ‘hollywooddreams’ and ‘coffee’ are available for free download.

Miguel gets a little raunchy in the song ‘nwa’ which oozes sex all throughout the track with hard-hitting tribal drum sounds and a sultry falsetto melody that cuts right through the bass. The cover art is also very sexy and lustful. He has his fingers in the mouth of a woman where the word “wild” is tattooed across his knuckles. Some of those wild nights lead to “coffee” in the morning, which is explained in the last song. “Hollywooddreams” leads more of a rocker vibe to it, but still holds the soulfulness as the others. I think for a surprise three-song release this was quite a treat. Click the link below to hear the wild side of Miguel.

Source: Soundcloud

source: Soundcloud
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