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The Melvins release 19th studio album “Tres Cabrones”

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Tres Cabrones, the 19th studio album from The Melvins released on Nov. 5th, is an album experience rarely found on the shelves today. Most albums only have a few good moments before falling to obscurity in our minds. We end up liking maybe three songs on an album and skip over the rest of the playlist in the future. As I sat down with the new release from The Melvins, I found myself entranced. Every track lead to the next in a semi-organized chaotic trek that pulled me in until the very last note of the album. The seasoned musicians, with thirty years experience under their belts, have managed to meld together the chaos of youth, the unrelenting torment of adulthood, and the ambiguity of the future.

There’s no room for disappointment. This album pushes beyond the boundary of ordinary as its edgy guitar riffs, punky drumbeats, and sturdy bass mix eclectically with the radical vocals to create mind-blowing tracks such as “Dogs and Cattle Prods” and “City Dump.” These musicians also know how to have fun as they throw their tendencies for the absurd into the mix with tracks such as “Tie my Pecker To a Tree,” “99 Bottles of Beer,” and “You’re in the Army Now.”

Most bands easily fit into one of the many stereotypical categories that popular media has assigned to certain sounds. The Melvins are an entity unto themselves, at once metal, punk, grunge, pop and noise rock. Just when you think you have them figured out- they blindside you. The band has had much cause for celebration as they have been traveling the country for their 30th anniversary tour. Unfortunately, there are no longer show dates for us here in the states, or even just across the pond. However, they do still have dates coming up for their tour’s end in Australia and New Zealand. Here are those dates:

Australia & New Zealand Tour
December 4, 2013 – Auckland, New Zealand – The Powerstation
December 6, 2013 – Fremantle, WA – Metropolis
December 8, 2013 – Brisbane, QLD – Hi Fi (w/Helmet)
December 9, 2013 – Byron Bay, NSW – Northern Hotel (w/Helmet)
December 11, 2013 – Newcastle, NSW – Cambridge Hotel (w/Helmet)
December 12, 2013 – Canberra, ACT – Anu Bar (w/Helmet)
December 13, 2013 – Meredith, VIC – Meredith Music Festival (w/Helmet)
December 15, 2013 – Sydney, NSW – Hi Fi (w/Helmet)
December 16, 2013 – Adelaide, SA – The Gov (w/Helmet)
December 17, 2013 – Melbourne, VIC – Hi Fi
December 18, 2013 – Hobart, TAS – Brisbane Hotel
December 31, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall (w/Redd Kross, Frightwig)

Tres Cabrones is definitely an album worth checking out as 2013 comes to a close. If your interest is peaked you can also check out their website at themelvins.net. I leave you to your own research and interest in this genre-defying band because the mind-blowing breakdown of “Dogs and Cattle Prods” is calling my name.

By: Kyle Yung

My name is Kyle Yung. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in theatre and English from Hanover College, as well as a Masters Degree in creative writing from Full Sail University. I have a wide array of experience, including starting a community theatre company, working as a sound designer, photographing sports for a newspaper and operating heavy machinery at a steel mill.