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Matador Records Spotify App Review

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Matador Records Spotify App Review

Music Discovery. This is one of the keys to unlocking the advantages of this new age of social music. A perfect example of this is the Matador Application for Spotify. Although I had heard of several Matador Record’s Band and artist names, I was unaware of much of the independent label’s history.

With navigating features similar to the Def Jam app, Matador offers premium user access to a large catalogue of the label’s music. A comprehensive organization of release by year, makes searching through the Matador music collection fast and easy. Though it is less flashy and thus less noisy than the Def Jam app, it also offers tour dates which adds and increased level of engagements for fans.

I particularly am a fan of the simpler scrolling interface of the Matador app, but I think there is definitely more that can be done to create a more unique experience that celebrates the authenticity of independent music. What both the Def Jam and Matador apps lack alike is a more comprehensive detailed information sheet of the company’s background, inside press info, and a detailed list of achievements to entice the nerd experience of music surfing.

This unique structured format of showcasing catalogues of music is a good thing for both labels and fans alike as it offers an inside view of companies’ history. Younger and fresher fans are merely clicks away from adding the classic predecessors that molded today’s new stars to their repertoire of audio libraries.

The more information and unique features added as these apps evolve will definitely create a more consumer/product relationship that increases fan loyalty. I rate the Matador app 3 out of 5.