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March Movie Madness: 5 Must See Movies

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With the NCAA’s March Madness approaching, you’re bound to need a break from basketball at some point.  Here are 5 movies coming out this month that you don’t want to miss out on.

Tyler Perry’s Temptation

Straying from the more light-hearted and gag-filled style of Medea, Temptation follows the story of a marriage counselor who falls into an obsessive relationship despite being married herself.

Release Date: March 29

Rated: R

Olympus Has Fallen

In the midst of a terrorist attack, disgraced former Presidential guard, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), finds himself trapped in the White House.  Using his insider’s knowledge, he works with national security to rescue the President (Aaron Eckhart) from his kidnappers.

Release Date: March 22

Rated: R


Portia Nathan (Tina Fey) is a straight-laced, rule-abiding Princeton admissions officer.  When a visit to an alternative high school forces her to confront a talented youth that she believes is the son she put up for adoption, she finds herself putting her career at risk in order to gain the life she always wanted.

Release date: March 22

Rated: PG-13

The Croods

This one’s for the kids and those that are young at heart.  The Croods follows the world’s first family as they begin to explore a new and fantastical world after the destruction of their cave.  Their incredible journey will change the way they see the world.

Release Date: March 22

Rated: PG

 The Place Beyond The Pines

When motorcycle stunt rider Luke (Ryan Gosling) discovers he has a newborn son, he leaves the carnival lifestyle to support his new family.  He resorts to bank robbery and crosses paths with the ambitious Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper) who hopes to move up in the police force.  The drama unfolds over a series of 15 years and the sins of the past begin to haunt their present day lives.

Release date: March 20

Rated: R