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How To Start Making Money From Your Photography

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MoneyYou take photos on the side of your current job and now you’re thinking about doing it for a living. You want to get paid for your photography and you don’t know what to do. Many of us have been there. What can you do to promote your potential photography business? Here are a few tips to follow that can lead you on your way to making cash from your photos.

flickr-logo1•Start a Flickr Account

Everyone has heard of Flickr but some people don’t know exactly what it is. If you use Facebook or Twitter, then Flickr is right up your alley. What it essentially is a social media, photo sharing application.  You take a photo that you really like and you want people to see it, so you upload it to Flickr, add tags, a description and a location (if you want) and share it.

Flickr PhotoYou can even set up how your pictures are to be distributed using copyright claims. Not only that, depending on your camera, the meta data will be imprinted in the photo. It displays the camera you used, the lens, the shutter speed, the ISO, the aperture and more.


With Flickr you can network with other artists and photographers. This is not only a great place to showcase your work but it’s also a great learning center. You can learn new things from users and/or try new techniques from photos you’ve seen.


Photo By PhotogSilva

Photo By PhotogSilva

•Take Your Camera Everywhere

This is something I always tell myself to do but always seem to forget when I leave the house. If you’re going anywhere remind yourself to take your camera. Why? You ever wonder why whenever you leave the house you always see something exciting happening? You don’t have your camera, except for your phone but you want to capture it the best way you can. That’s because the universe hates you.

Variety is something every photographer needs in their portfolio. If you always take photos of birds in your area (ahem, this guy writing), you need to get out take more photos with variety.


Photo By PhotogSilva

Photo By PhotogSilva

•Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Like the previous tip suggested, get out there and take photos of things other than birds. If you always take photos of different textures, yes that’s a great thing that you’ve found a niche but get out there and try your hand at different styles. You may find out that you may be better are taking street photos. I say to get outside of your comfort zone because if you start racking up clients who want you to do a specific type of job, you can do it without a problem.


Photo by PhotogSilva

Photo by PhotogSilva

•Get Your Name Out There

Getting your name out there is just as easy as starting a Flickr account and networking. But there are other ways than just networking on a website. Literally putting your name on your photos is a way to do that but that can come off tacky. I personally don’t like water marking my images with my name because as a journalist it comes off unprofessional. But that’s totally up to you.

However, engage with people on the street. Make business cards and engage with people in your neighborhood or the street. Take their photo and introduce yourself as a photographer.


Photo by PhotogSilva

Photo by PhotogSilva

•Learn What To Charge

Never sell yourself shorter than what you feel your worth. Set up a price range for your services and research whether or not you’re too expensive or too cheap. Adjust to what you feel is right for your and your clients.

Jonathan Silva is a graduate and current student at Full Sail University going for his Master's Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing for film blogs like Get The Big Picture or listening to music, he's either watching movies or playing video games. His love for all things entertainment shine through in his writing.