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M3 Event Brings the Music Industry to Maastricht

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M3 Event (Press Release)

A student initiative aims to provide amateurs and enthusiasts in and around Maastricht with insights into some of the most pressing issues in the music industry.

M3 Event, a day long conference in Maastricht on May 31st, will be host to some of the leading minds in the music industry. Besides discussing hot topics, such as piracy, the role of live performances and copyright, speakers will introduce the audience to new and creative ways of distributing music in the digital era.

It’s no secret that the music industry is undergoing fundamental changes. New distribution networks, legal and illegal, are threatening traditional business models and costing many people their jobs. Amateurs and professionals are tying to navigate in this new environment, but it seems that there is no single solution to the problems posed by this major shift in communications. M3 Event wants to highlight the diversity of strategies available to young musicians, while trying to determine which alternatives seem most promising.

It is not only the industry that is in a state of revolution – the culture surrounding music is changing, as well. The communities which used to congregate at record stores have migrated to online forums. The traditional notion of an album has lost its relevance in a society using a-la-carte services, such as iTunes. Piracy and file-sharing are becoming societal norms, practiced by young and old alike. On the 31st of May a panel of experts will tackle these issues and discuss whether we should try to preserve the traditional habits or abandon them for a new way of experiencing culture.

The problems we face aren’t just global. The effects these changes have had on local music scenes is quite apparent, even in Maastricht. A city filled with students from all corners of the globe, should be home to some of the biggest events in the region. Surprisingly, this is not the case. A closer examination of the issues at the core of Maastricht’s local scene will help reveal which areas can be improved upon and why certain initiatives don’t get the attention they deserve.

Join M3 Event and Maastricht University on May 31st for a day of intellectual stimulation, networking and (of course) music!

If you want to stay updated or get in touch with us, please visit our website: http://m3event.com

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