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Lupe Gets The Boot, Michelle Rolls Her Eyes and MLK Lives On Via Google

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This was one of the most memorable inaugurations in a long time. It all began with, one of my favorite MC’s, Lupe Fiasco getting kicked off stage because he performed a song that dissed President Obama. I’m not sure why Lupe was kicked off stage, because the promoters should have known he would perform the most popular song from his last album.

And Michelle Obama’s bangs were the talk of town for the last week, until her eye rolling moment became a trending story on Yahoo News. Props to Google for creating a cool Doodle for Martin Luther King, Jr. BTW, Did You see Jay-Z and Beyonce’s entrance into today’s ceremony? Nothing short of stunning…

Here is a list of the top stories from this years inauguration/MLK Day – Doodles….

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