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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap July 30, 2012

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So tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta began with K. Michelle and Mimi Faust having the usual conversation about Stevie J. at an Atlanta studio.

Mimi seems to think that her and Stevie may need counseling for their struggling relationship.

K. Michelle let Mimi hear a new song she recorded, which sounded a lot like Mimi and Stevie J’s relationship. The song was about a scorn woman who had been faithful to a cheating man for twelve years.

Karlie Redd met with her manager and he let her know that he doesn’t think dating Benzino is a “good look” for her career. The two talked about Benzino’s past history with the Source Magazine and his lack of relevancy in the music industry.

Kirk Frost and Rasheeda had a real heartfelt conversation about love and trust on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Rasheeda let Kirk know that she would not be where she is in life without him, but she wants someone else to manage the direction of her career. Debra Antey?

So Benzino gave Karlie Redd the keys to his mansion tonight. Karlie Redd let Benzino know that her manager discouraged her from dating him, because he’s not “hot.” Benzino let Karlie Redd know that she wasn’t so hot herself and told her that she should not let the industry define her life.

Stevie J performed for Mimi Faust at a night club, and it left me wondering if this was the same guy that made all of those “hit records” with P-Diddy. Stevie J is definitely a producer. The name of the song was “Red and Blue Lights,” which was another autobiographical song dedicated to Mimi. Mimi got two songs dedicated to her in tonight’s Episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Lil Scrappy met with Shay midway thru tonight’s episode in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and they talked about Scrappy’s child support issues with Erica Dixon.

K. Michelle had a date with some guy named Stevie and she actually asked him to lick his lips like LL Cool J. Where do they do that at? K. Michelle must have really liked her date because by the end of the scene they were in a full-blown kissing session.

Benzino set up a meeting for Karlie Redd with Lady GaGa’s manager, Vincent Herbert. Vincent actually said he likes Karlie Redd’s music and he wanted Karlie to go into the studio with some of his producers. Really…

So the most interesting scene in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta tonight, was Mimi and Stevie J’s counseling session. Stevie J finally admitted that he was a liar tonight and that he cheated on Mimi and got Joseline pregnant. The therapy suggested that her enabling behavior may be part of the reason Stevie cheats. Mimi also talked about how her relationship with her mom has played a part in her dramatic love life.

Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, ended with Stevie J telling the therapist about his childhood and how his mother abandoned him.

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    Benzino is sexy to me. I love that whole “thugs that cry” thing he has going on. I think Karly was out of line mentioning to Benzino that Malcome said “he’s not current”. I was elated when Benzino told Karly that she wasn’t really relevant in the industry at the moment herself. Who heard of Karly before this show. I for one haven’t.

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