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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season Finale: Benzino Breaks Up With Karlie Redd, Rasheed and Kirk Frost Renew Vows

1 2320

The Season Finale of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta began with Erica Dixon dropping a bomb on Lil Scrappy. Erica told the Atlanta rapper that she thinks that they should only be friends and the young man seemed hurt.

Karlie Redd met Atlanta rapper Roscoe Dash for a few drinks and they talked about collaborating on a song, as the two were both in “flirt mode.” When Roscoe asked if Karlie was single, she said her relationship was complicated like a Facebook status.

Mimi, Joseline and Stevie met with Dr. Jeff for the third damn time. Stevie J had the nerve to wear a shirt that said “I AM GOD.” And, the most bizarre moment of this crazy scene was when Joseline admitted that she watch Stevie J have sex with her best friend while she watched them. Stevie J let both of the ladies know that he is the reason they are currently in the spotlight.

Shay and Scrappy had a conversation about their friendship, and Scrappy actually told her he loves her. Shay was extremely upset that Scrappy still wants to be with Erica and Scrappy is confused as usual.

Benzino was a little hesistant about giving Karlie Redd the “ring” he bought her but he is afraid he will get played. Can you blame him? After talking his concerns over with Stevie J, Benzino feels he has to go wherever his heart takes him.

Stevie J introduced Joseline to his new artist Che Mack and it was an obvious ploy to make her jealous. Stevie J wants Joseline to collaborate with her on a track but Joseline is definitely not feeling it.

Rasheeda and K. Michelle met once again, to talk about K. Michelle being abused by Memphitz. The two have been going back and forth on Twitter and Instagram about the whole issue for thr last few weeks. Oh Drama!

Benzino and Karlie Redd had a nice dinner and they spoke about the status of their relationship. After Karlie told Benzino she wasn’t sure if he loved her, he reneged on giving her the ring he bought and broke up with her.

The highlight of the show was seeing Rasheeda and Kirk Frost renew their vows after 12 years of marriage.