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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Recap July 23, 2012

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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta started off tonight with Joseline Hernandez doing a photo shoot in a tropic outfit, as her beau Stevie J came and crashed the set dressed in a weird 4th of July outfit. Stevie J finally confronted Joseline for disrespecting Mimi Faust and Joseline responded by telling Stevie if he is so upset he needs to be with Mimi.

Mama Dee had a chance to sit down and speak with Shay about her relationship with Lil Scrappy. Shay seems to think that Lil Scrappy’s relationship with Erica is still holding them from being apart. Mama Dee is still complaining about “leaving her son for dead.” Mama Dee is trying to start some drama between the two girls and is extremely messy.

Mimi met Karlie Redd about last week’s table fight with K.Michelle. For some reason Karlie Redd felt that Mimi was siding with K. Michelle, but Mimi let Karlie know that she was trying to stay clear of the drama. Karlie Redd let Mimi know that she may be doing a song with Joseline and Mimi seemed hurt because Karlie is going to be collaborating with her nemesis.

Karlie Redd and K. Michelle met and they talked it out a little bit. K. Michelle apologized and stated that even her mother was upset. For a minute it seemed liked the two were about to have an adult conversation but it didn’t work out.

Joseline seemed to be fed up with Stevie J and told her friend that she was working with other producers behind Stevie’s back. For some strange reason she thinks that other producers are interested in working with her.

Rasheeda and her husband Kirk Frost got into a huge fight over the way he is handling the set up of her new single “Marry Me.” Rasheeda came out to a room of about 25 people, which looked pretty bad. There were technical difficulties with pa system and the crowd had to watch the video on a smaller monitor.

Lil Scrappy met with his baby mama Erica Dixon. Erica let Scrappy know that he is inconsistent and he needs to make his mind up. Scrappy was doing a lot of mumbling, but the one clear thing I could hear was ” you still gone look out for me on the child support.”

Benzino and Karlie Redd had a nice romantic dinner at Benzino’s plush crib as they talked about the possibilities of being in love. Benzino talked about his new magazine “Hip Hop Weekly” and his future plans. Karlie Redd seems to think love is in the air. After one week and the sparks are already flying as Benzino and Karlie Redd kissed the night away.

Rasheeda had a chance to speak with K. Michelle about her plans to have a meeting with outside management. K. Michllelle let Rasheeda let her know that she should be careful because she is lucky to have a husband that loves and supports her. Rasheeda had a chance to meet with Waka Flocka’s mom Debra Antney about a possible management agreement. Debra stated that Rasheeda has too many hands in the pot – especially her husband’s. Debra stated that Kirk is the reason that Rasheeda hasn’t been as successful and she needs to have a conversation with him.

Stevie J had spoke with his good friend Benzino about his drama between his two loves. Stevie J stated that he wasn’t gonna lose Mimi Faust for any woman including Hallie Berry. Right….

Erica talked with her mother about her crazy relationship with Lil Scrappy and Scrappy wanting to be taken off of child support. Erica mom stated “Lil Scrappy is not coming of child support.”

Rasheeda had a chance to speak with Kirk about wanting Kirk to co manage her career with Debra Antney. When Rasheeda told Kirk that he met Deb he flipped out, because he had a meeting behind her back. It was a pretty heartfelt scene as Rasheeda broke down crying and Kirk damn near came to tears too…….

Joseline and Mimi Faust finally met about Stevie J and Joseline did her best to apologize. Joseline told Mimi she needs to stop calling Stevie so much when they are in the studio working. For the first time since Love and Hip Hop and Atlanta aired Joseline and Mimi agreed on Stevie J being the problem.