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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap August 6, 2012

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta started off with Mimi Faust and Grammy winning producer Stevie J spending quality time with their daughter. Mimi and Stevie J had another conversation about trust or better yet the lack of. Stevie J suggested that the two along with Joseline go to counseling together.

Joseline and Karlie Redd spoke about their plans to collaborate, but now they seem null and void. The two chit chatted about Karlie Redd and Benzino’s romance and for the first time it seemed like the two connected on a personal level.

Lil Scrappy and Shay were in the studio vibinng when Rasheeda came in to check out a track that they were suppose to be working on together. Rahseeda let know Scrappy know that Erica is hurting and really wants to be with her. Lil Scrappy said he’s done, but Rasheeda wasn’t trying to hear it!

So, Benzino set up Karlie Redd with her own photo shoot for Hip Hop Weekly to prove he is actually good for her career. Benzino wanted to let Karlie and her management know that he wasn’t going to lose his woman for anything.

Rasheeda, Mimi and K. Michelle had a ladies night out during Lil Scrappy’s mix tape release party and Rasheeda let the girls know that Lil Scrappy and Shay were definitely an item. Halfway into he spill, Scrappy and Shay walked in and the girls were appalled. K. Michelle was adamant about telling her girl Erica Dixon about Scrappy.

K.Michelle had a meeting with Erica and she spilled all the beans about Lil Scrappy and Shay’s affair. Erica seemed really her, but she knows what she is dealing with. Erica feels that Scrappy is not hurting their relationship but she is also hurting his relationship with their child.

Things seem to really be heating up with Benzino and Karlie Redd, because he made a trip to see his man Dave the Jeweler.

Rasheeda, Kirk Frost and Debra Antney had a chance to meet about the direction of Rasheeda’s career. Debra let Kirk know that he is not taking responsibility for the growth of Rasheeda’s career. Debra made some very good points, but her delivery was bit off. Debra let Rasheeda know that she would be willing to work with her minus Kirk. After the meeting, the emotions between Kirk and Rasheeda was extremely intense.

Stevie J stopped by Benzino’s mansion to talk about his drama and Benzino let Stevie know about his plans to propose to Karlie Redd.

During the final scene of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta; Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi had a counseling session with Dr. Jeff. Dr. Jeff spoke with the trio about the “arrangement,” and Joseline told Dr. Jeff she wasn’t aware Stevie was still involved with Mimi. As Joseline was talking, Stevie wiped the sweat from Joseline’s nose and Mimi was disturbed. Once Mimi told Joseline that she was still staying with Stevie, Joseline snapped and pimped slapped Stevie J.

The End…..