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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: A Recap July 8, 2013

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This week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta kicked off hot and heavy with some sexy times featuring Kirk and two women.  Benzino had some wise words for Kirk, saying he needed to work out his issues with Rasheeda first. Maybe Benzino just wanted the girls for himself, after all, he did point out that he was single.

Meanwhile, K. Michelle is getting ready for her tour at the wig store. Ariane shows up and says she’s going to audition to accompany K. Michelle on her tour. Things got a little heated when K. Michelle told her that she wouldn’t show favoritism, but Ariane assured her that she wasn’t looking for it.

Stevie J met up with MiMi for dinner where he told her that he expected some “lettuce” in exchange for all the attention and favors he had been showering on her. MiMi wasn’t having it. She mocks his euphemism and quickly informed him that she would not be sleeping with him in exchange for gifts. Maybe Stevie J will get the hint and try for real prostitutes rather than getting MiMi to prostitute for him.

All is not well with Scrappy and Erica‘s financial situation and Scrappy’s mother has stepped in to help Erica and her child while Scrappy is in prison. Erica does not want her support since their engagement is over, their encounter is less than pleasant.  Drew decides to apologize to Traci for his inappropriate behavior in a previous episode. Traci thinks his ridiculous behavior is a bit of jealousy and the two of them provide us with the fourth heated discussion in twenty minutes. Drew apologizes and offers to take Traci and her new man out as an attempt to get to know him better and see if he’s fit to be around his kid.

Back at K. Michelle’s auditions for a back-up singer, Ariane bombs her audition. Mike, one of K. Michelle’s friends helping her audition singers, insults her but K. steps up and defends her friend. Unfortunately for Ariane, it looks like her music career may be over before it even starts. Stevie J wastes no time moving on from MiMi’s rejection when he goes to look at a house with Joseline. He agrees to buy the house and I’m sure the two wasted no time christening the room judging by the comments Joseline made about the dining room table.

Traci hosts an event to benefit women and children who suffer at the hands of domestic abuse. Trouble rises when Benzino brings Kirk along, who runs into the girls he slept with at the beginning of the episode. Traci isn’t thrilled with Kirk’s possible infidelity that the two women are hinting at. Momma Dee decides to throw her own party announcing Lil Scrappy‘s release from prison. Scrappy is furious that Erica pawned her engagement ring to secure her finances while he was in jail. The party ends in a fight between Momma Dee, Erica, and Erica’s mother and Erica threatens to get Scrappy sent back to jail.

Traci takes matters into her own hands and meets with Rasheeda to tell her about what she’s discovered about Kirk. The episode ends with a very pregnant Rasheeda confronting Kirk about his adulterous ways after he owns up to sleeping around. Rasheeda kicks Kirk out of the house and tosses his clothes into the front yard.

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