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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: A Recap July 29, 2013

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, after a drama filled season, was the season finale. The finale kicked off back in Puerto Rico were we left Joseline and Stevie J mid-proposal. Stevie J doesn’t give her a yes or a no, but puts the ring on. He feels that Joseline needs to wait for Stevie J to ask her to marry him. Back in Rasheeda’s circle as she prepares for the arrival of her little boy, she’s talking with the girls about her relationship with Kirk. She’s admitted that she’s been talking to an attorney but doesn’t know yet what she’s going to do.

In rehab, Lil Scrappy isn’t have the time of his life like he thought. Lil Scrappy tries to place some of the blame for his smoking addiction on the tension between him, his mother, and Erica, but Momma Dee is quick to shoot that down. She says these are his choices to make and he chose to smoke. When Scrappy asks his mother to accept Erica, she becomes furious and vehemently protests.

K. Michelle sits down with Joseline, Erica, and other friends to announce that she’s moving to New York! At dinner, Joseline steals the spotlight to announce her “engagement”. Stevie J shows up to the Suede Lounge to meet with Benzino and his Joseline look-alike. Stevie J isn’t very fond of Benzino’s newest video with the look-alike, maybe this stems from his budding relationship with the Puerto Rican Princess. At a very pregnant Rasheeda’s home, Kirk arrives with gifts and apologies in tow. While Rasheeda is chastising Kirk for his adulterous ways, he interrupts to tell her that a good wife would be sticking by her man. Rasheeda quickly sends him on his way with his bundle of balloons.

Erica and Arianna head over to Mimi‘s house where Mimi is recovering from her breast implant surgery. They fill Mimi in on the news about K. Michelle’s move to New York and drop the ball on Joseline’s engagement. Mimi laughs it off and tells the girls about a text Stevie J sent from Puerto Rico that said to not believe everything she’s going to hear. In rehab, Erica shows up to visit Lil Scrappy, who now goes by Darryl. Erica brings back the ring that she had spitefully put on consignment and gives it to Darryl. Their relationship is nowhere near fixed, but the two have come a long way.

Stevie J asks Joseline to meet him. He’s sitting at the piano, tinkering with the keys, with bottles of champagne and the ring she gave him on the counter. While at first this looks like a romantic gathering, Mimi comes walking in through the door. Stevie J says he loves Joseline and always will and that he wants to make their agreement to be life partners official, making the couple officially engaged. As exciting as this is for Joseline, she’s not thrilled by the fact that Mimi is there for this special moment. Out of nowhere, Stevie J pulls out a second ring for Mimi as a “token of appreciation”. Joseline is furious and leaves. When Stevie J goes to convince her to stay, she begins throwing punches while Mimi sits and laughs at what she says is typical of Stevie.

As the finale of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta comes to a close, K. Michelle says good-bye to Atlanta. Scrappy prepares to leave rehab a changed man. Rasheeda reflects on her growth as a person and even though she has not yet resolved things with Kirk, she’s ready to bring a new life into this world. Joseline has taken her life back into her own hands and has realized that she doesn’t need a man to play with her emotions. While this season has been bursting with drama, each of these characters have grown tremendously. But I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re back to their usual antics.

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