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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: A Recap July 22, 2013

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In last week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, emotions ran high. This week wasted no time dealing with the drama left off from last episode when Rasheeda busted out the word “divorce” when talking to Kirk. After all this time, it doesn’t really seem like Kirk understands what the issue is. He feels like trying to fix Rasheeda’s anger isn’t even worth it.

In Joseline’s world, she has decided to make the next step in her relationship with Stevie J. Over dinner in Decatur, Joseline pulls out tickets to Puerto Rico and cash to fund her music video. Meanwhile, Stevie J takes the money Joseline gave him and regifts it to Mimi claiming that Joseline’s music video will be inexpensive, even though he told Joseline the opposite.

In response to last week’s session with a drug counselor, Lil Scrappy has decided to check himself into rehab. While Scrappy claims this will keep him out of prison, his attorney has other news for him: rehab isn’t going to be the walk in the park that Scrappy thinks it is.

In Puerto Rico, Joseline talks about her childhood and other life struggles growing up in an impoverished country. Stevie J expected Puerto Rico to make Joseline happy and is disappointed that her bad memories are coming to the surface and ruining the mood. Stevie J pulls out some comforting words in a touching moment between the two.

In Kirk and Rasheeda’s drama filled work, Rasheeda has found images of Kirk and his secret women from Benzino’s party. Rasheeda says that one of the biggest things that bothers her about his infidelity is the public image that he’s damaging with his affairs. While Rasheeda is throwing out the divorce term, Kirk is criticizing her for so casually tossing out the term and thinks she isn’t loving him as she’s supposed to. It’s in these moments, that Kirk isn’t a respectable person. Rasheeda is putting forth the effort in their relationship while Kirk seems to care less.

Using the money from Stevie J, Mimi decides to get breast implants as a way of furthering distancing herself from her baby daddy and to make herself feel better. Erica goes to visit Scrappy in rehab and the two have an emotionally-charged heart to heart discussion. Scrappy declares his love for her and apologizes for the way he and his mother have treated her. He asks her to reconsider their engagement, but Erica isn’t yet convinced he’s truly changed his ways.

In response to Rasheeda’s divorce threats, Kirk turns to Benzino. Benzino warns him that he’s treading on thin ice and reminds him that he advised against this in the first place. Benzino knows that Kirk does face the possibility of losing everything and that he needs to decide what he really wants in his relationship with Rasheeda. If he’s not willing to put forth the effort, then he needs to go ahead and find a lawyer.

This week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta ends as Joseline pops the big question. Stevie J is struck silent and takes a swig of champagne as the episode fades to black.