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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: A Recap July 15, 2013

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Last week on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Kirk and Rasheeda were on the outs and Scrappy and Erica were fighting once again. We picked up this week as Rasheeda turned to Mimi in response to the hurt she was feeling over Kirk‘s betrayal. The two cry it out and Mimi encourages Rasheeda, which is just what she needs during this pregnancy surrounded by infidelity.

Drew holds to his promise to take Traci and her new man, Shawn, out for lunch. Traci isn’t very pleased with the encounter as it turns into an inquisition. However, into the line of questioning, Drew busts out the news that Shawn has a criminal record, something he conveniently left out. Traci, infuriated, leaves the restaurant to confront her new beau. He tries to apologize to Traci, but she isn’t thrilled with his lack of honesty.

Stevie J introduces Joseline to his father, where she reveals that she may be in this relationship for the long run. Poppa J interrogates Joseline like any father would and gives his approval. Stevie J isn’t quite on the same page and isn’t ready for that sort of relationship commitment. Mimi, meanwhile, calls Kirk over to discuss his relationship with Rasheeda. She busts out the hard truth on Kirk as she asks him if she’ll be able to look his unborn children in the eye and tell them about his moment of summer fun.

Back at Ariane’s apartment, K. Michelle and Ariane are discussing Ariane’s failed audition. Ariane comes out to her friends as a lesbian and loud, girly sex discussion ensues. At the Imara Center, Lil Scrappy goes to counseling to figure out if he has an actual medical condition that keeps him from being able to stop his marijuana addiction.

Traci ends her relationship with her new man, but Drew doesn’t approve. He thinks she’s bringing in terrible aspects from their old relationship into her new relationship. In an emotional moment, Drew finally admits to cheating on her while she was pregnant, but also tells her that she hasn’t moved on from his betrayal. He tells her that she deserves better in a sweet, heartfelt moment.

Joseline decides that it’s up to her to make the move and goes to buy a ring for Stevie J while Lil Scrappy wraps up his talk about his marijuana addiction. The counselor says the decision is up to him and is something he’s going to have to work towards overcoming.

This week episodes ends once again with a confrontation between Kirk and Rasheeda, only this time Rasheeda’s mother gets involved. After a rant session between mother and daughter, Kirk rolls up on his motorcycle which Rasheeda’s mother promptly mows down with her car.  The relationship drama will continue on next week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!

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