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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part II: Lil Scrappy proposes to Erica Dixon

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Part II of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta found Lil Scrappy, Shay and Erica Dixon in a full fledge love triangle. Lil Scrappy and Erica once again confessed their genuine affection for one another and Shay was the odd person out.

It was very interesting to watch Momma Dee in action and the craziest quote from her tonight was “I’m on the throne and I am not giving it up.” One of the coolest moments of the night was watching Momma Dee give her son a “Burger King” crown and stating he was still the “Prince of the South.”

After Scrappy let know Scrappy know that he only wanted to be with Erica, Shay stormed off stage. Moments later, Lil Scrappy got on his knees and proposed to his baby mama Erica Dixon and Mona declared there is love in Love and Hip Hop.

The second half of the show found Benzino and Karlie Redd discussing their broken romance which ended in Karlie Redd catching Benzino with another woman at his house. When Mona Scott asked if their relationship was over, Benzino replied “finito.” When asked about the state of her relationship, Rasheeda let the audience know that her union with husband/manager Kirk Frost has only grown stronger since the airing of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

When asked about his bad boy persona, Stevie J stated “They hated on God, so who am I?” One of the craziest moments of tonight was seeing a highlight of Stevie J’s craziest “rat faces.” One viewer asked Stevie J’ why was he always walking and he truthfully replied “I didn’t have a car but now I’m no longer walking.”

“What’s good for the Prince, is Good for the Queen – Welcome to the palace. – Momma Dee
“I’m Happy” – Lil Scrappy