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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Recap | Mimi Complains, Karlie and K. Michelle Fight and Scrappy Cries

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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta got off to a very interesting start tonight as Jocelyn Hernandez ended up apologizing to Erica Dixon, Mimi promised she would leave Stevie J, and Lil Scrappy cryed to his mom about how he was upset at his Baby Mama Erica Dixon for not coming to his rescue during an asthma attack.

K. Michelle consoled MiMi about her relationship, as Mimi complained to her about Stevie J’s infedelity and how she was has been receiving threatening text messages from Jocelyn. Mimi seems to be sure that Jocelyn and Stevie have a sexual relationship Stevie J. Ha, I wonder where she got that idea from?

One of the most hilarious moments of the night came when Karlie Redd, who is supposedly signed to a management deal with Cash Money, auditioned for Stevie J.

Karlie Redd’s performance and dance sucked pretty badly and it left me wondering, if she is really signed to Cash Money? And, How old is she anyway because Jocelyn and K. Michelle seems to think Karlie is ancient as hell.

During the same scene, Jocelyn stormed in mad as usual and Stevie J explained that he was only working with her because of her affiliation with Cash Money. Later on during the same scene – Benzino puts his mack down and exchanges contact information with Karlie Redd as she states “Benzino is my type of man.”

Once again, Lil Scrappy mom comes to his rescue as she is screaming that Erica left her son for dead. The two later on had a talk as Scrappy was complaining about he was hurt that Erica didn’t come to his rescue. Erica let Scrappy know that she refuses to babysit him because he decided to go out, get drunk and have an asthma attack.

Mimi and Stevie J had a heated conversation about his infedility, being threatened by Jocelyn, and the two also talked about possibly seeing a therapist.

Later during the show, Erica had a chance to speak with Rasheeda and K.Michelle and Rasheeda asked Erica “Do you think it’s somebody else.” Erica seems to be ignorant of Scrappy’s fondness of Shay and just thinks he needs some maturing.

So the episode ended with a table fight between K. Michelle and Karlie Redd at some wine bar. K. Michelle seems determined to let us know that she doesn’t play because she is from Memphis and Karlie, Karlie, Karlie…..