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Local Artist Spotlight: Jazz Saxophonist Valenza.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with local artist Lyric Nicole to discuss her new career in the business. This time around, I sat with Valenza, an up and coming Jazz artist from Central Florida (whom is also the label mate to Lyric) whom is on the cusp of releases his very first album. I had the honor to work with Valenza, real name Troy Harris, on a number of events including a music video and will have the pleasure to be working with him again very soon in the near future. Like a seasoned jazz artist, Valenza has the talent of picking up a jazz saxophone to play whatever comes to mind in an impromptu segment.

I sat down with Valenza during his final stint in the recording booth for his upcoming, self-titled album, which is due sometime during June. Like Lyric before him, Valenza dedicated the time to give his most honest answers in a sit down interview in the most crucial of times: the wrapping of recording his album.

What was supposed to be a five to ten minute interview blossomed into a half-hour dialog between the both of us, which ultimately had to be cut down much shorter. Nothing was off limits and he seemed to be in good spirits about the whole piece, especially after seeing how his label mate’s video turned out; he wanted a piece of that video spotlight.

I couldn’t cut more that the fifteen minutes I have because it felt as though I was doing a disservice to him. Here is the full fifteen minute video of Troy “Valenza” Harris.


We sat down at John Blanche Studios in Longwood, FL. If you want to connect with Valenza like him on Facebook, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


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