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Little Richard Recovering From Heart Attack

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 Little Richard is an icon for the world of pop music. While he hasn’t done very much over the past decade, except those hilarious Geico commercials, his music is heard everywhere. Tutti Fruity, possibly his most famous, has been lampooned in all kinds of media, most notably in those IHOP commercials. Little Richard, now 80, announced that he suffered a heart attack.

The singer was in an Atlanta Q & A session with Cee-Lo Green when he dropped the bombshell. He suffered from a heart last week and his quick thinking may have saved his life. At the event held for a recording academy fundraiser he said, “The other night, I didn’t know I was having a heart attack. I was coughing, and my right arm was aching. I told my son, ‘Make the room as cold as ice.’” He goes on, “So [my son] turned the air conditioning on, and I took a baby aspirin.”

He claims that ultimately saved his life, according to the words of his doctor. “Jesus had something for me. He brought me through,” he said.  He said that he’s basically retired since there isn’t anything that he wishes to fulfill right now. Wish the best for Little Richard and hope he’s well on his way to recovery.

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