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Last FM Spotify App: Another form of overkill?

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Last FM Spotify App Review: 2 out of 5

Last.fm’s concept was amongst the first of its kind using simple internet radio technology to record preferences for the user’s music taste. The difference between Last.Fm and companies like Pandora, is Last.FM gives independent new artists a home for their music to increase exposure. All managers, bands, and labels need is to start an account with a verified e-mail address and upload content, fill in the artist info, and their music is ready to be heard and bought via Amazon Mp3.

The Spotify app is a simplified version of the computer desktop application. The integrated interface allows a speedy navigation and preference setting for the Spotify users who also have a Last.FM account. I believe the only benefit by using the app is the now the account holder exposed to a secondary database that may have music not already in the Spotify network.

The Spotify Last.fm app still scrobbles all music played between either networks and saves preferences if only playing music through Spotify. If users have yet to use Last.FM the difference between the two services is almost invisible therefore it may be confusing for the average streaming music consumer and almost pointless.

Due to the already powerful nature of Spotify’s marketing and big named affiliates, I see it as a matter of time before the two merge and Last.FM will simply be a subsidiary to help establish both brands in untapped markets. Therefore the Last.fm App for Spotify receives a 2/5 rating as it seems to be serving just another form of overkill.

Matt G is independent recording artist and viral marketing expert from Austin, TX. His music can be heard at: mattgmuzik.com