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Lady Gaga To Perform In Space!

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lady gagaLady Gaga, like Madonna, is ahead of her time and pretty soon she’s going to be miles above her competition. She’s flying into space to perform a song, making her the very first artist to perform a song in space. She won’t be able to fly into space any time soon, however. She is set to take flight in 2015 thanks to Virgin.


Virgin is rolling out its galactic program to those who are willing to shell out a six-figure check and a timely training session. The Applause singer has to take a month of training to prepare her voice for zero gravity. The reason is because your vocal chords react differently in Zero-G.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard an artist’s song from space. Will.I.Am premiered Reaching For The Stars from Mars, making him the first artist to have a song premier from another planet.

Zero G Colony, the special music event in New Mexico, is set to take place in early 2015 and will last three days. Gaga is set to perform on the third day at dawn, six months after the first Virgin Galactic flight.


I personally think this is really cool, what are your thoughts on this?

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