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Kreezus Christmas Album Is a Gift To All of Us


Kanye West’s Yeezus turned into a christmas album by Local Business Comedy. Kreezus will bring you joy this holiday season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Last year when Kanye West dropped Yeezus, it debuted with mixed reviews including myself whom was so-so on the entire album. I’ve since grown to love the album, every little bit of it and consider it a masterpiece misunderstood by many. However, it seems as though Local Business Comedy thought the very same thing. The managed to recreate the entire album of Yeezus with a Christmas twist. It’s called Kreezus and it’s as awesome as it sounds.

For those working retail, like myself, or for those stuck listening to those corny Christmas songs on a loop at a parents house, it’s a refreshing take to listen to something new and tongue-in-cheek. Like the original Yeezus, Kreezus lasts only ten songs and provides a whole new hip-hop perspective on Christmas in a much different way than what RUN-DMC did way back in the 80s.

If you have nothing to do this Christmas, get yourself a cup of spiked eggnog and take a listen to Kreezus. It will make your boring Christmas into one that Kanye would be proud to celebrate.


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