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Kid Cudi “Indicud” – Album Review

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The final edition to Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon trilogy, Indicud, has been long awaited.  But while Kid Cudi is a talented songwriter and artist, this long awaited trilogy seems to be lacking.

On the one hand, I immensely enjoyed Kid Cudi’s way with beats and rhythms. The opening track “The Resurrection of Scott Mescudi” starts with a nice, front porch style nostalgic vibe before descending into a whirlwind of drums and distorted beats that’s over far too quickly.  The “New York City Rage Fest” is another instrumental bit that channels a lot of punk and alternative rock sounds that wouldn’t normally be found on a hip-hop track, yet is wholly delightful.

While the rest of the album maintains these stellar instrumental backtracks, Kid Cudi is generally lacking in the lyrical and vocal talent department.  The album features some lyrical gems such as “slice your pie like Sbarro’s” and “body could convert like Lady Gaga.” The track “Girls” delivers your average hip-hop dose of misogyny and female objectification interspersed with the over-repetitious lyric “I see pretty girls everywhere I go”.

“Red Eye” ft. Haim quickly falls into this repetitious pattern as well.  It’s fine for the first few minutes.  Haim has an excellent voice and the lyrics are better, but after four minutes, the song falls flat.  In tracks like “Solo Dolo Part II” and “Just What I Am” the lyrics are better and the songs aren’t as repetitious, but Kid Cudi’s attempt at singing make you want to quickly change the track.  I’m not sure if he’s attempting to mix up his style or if he’s aiming for a specific goal, but the end result is a very whiny and nasally voice that is not at all pleasing to hear.

In all, Indicud is on the verge of something great.  Kid Cudi’s instrumentals and backtracks are incredible.  But despite his best efforts, Kid Cudi’s final installment of his trilogy tries so desperately to succeed, but can’t quite reach the mark.