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Kevin Hart Trys to Explain His Story

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In 2012, Kevin Hart embarked on his “Let Me Explain” tour that hit 10 countries and 80 cities. For those that missed the comedy tour, a recorded version of Hart’s performance at Madison Square Garden can be found in theaters starting July 3rd.

“Let Me Explain” does just what the title implies: it’s an opportunity for Kevin Hart to explain himself and his life. He intends to establish what he feels is the truth in this movie. The truth behind life’s ups and downs, the rumors, and the family debacles in a strictly, Hart-style stand up comedy format.

Hart has pushed the standards of comedy by incorporating hip-hop into the film. He believes that hip-hop has become such a universal, world-wide phenomenon that there was no way to avoid the intertwining of comedy and music. Hart says that the music is within him and thus it comes out within the film. He promises that it is very natural and organic and will not feel forced.

Kevin Hart is making one of the first steps to redefining the concert movie trend that’s sweeping the world with the film version of his stand-up tour. You can catch Hart’s comedy concert on July 3rd.

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