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Kendrick Lamar Crowned Lyricist of The Year at the BET Hip Hop Awards

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Compton emcee Kendrick Lamar won the award for Lyricist of the Year at tonight’s the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards. The cateory which included J. Cole, Nas and Kanye West is one of the most coveted prizes in Hip Hop.

It was interesting to see Kendrick Lamar win the Award eventhough he has only put out one indie album. Without a doubt Kendrick is the best lyricist in the game, but I am wondering if he should of got the award based off mixtapes and singles.

What are Your Thoughts?

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  • Abotche Williams

    Kendrick Lamar is that dude lyrically forreal..I be out WVA, and catz was fuckn with Kendrick Lamar before he was all in the limelight like talkn bout it, it was when he was behind the scene basically doin/bein on mixtapes..we knew he was goin to eventually be noticed.., like bein on the Billboard Chart/the countdown for 106..he doin his thug thizzle rite now..keep holding it down, and bein a hard/gr8 lyricist forever in your career..big upz forreal..