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Kendrick Lamar: Hollywood or Humble?

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Original Source: MsRivercity

Whenever people ask what profession I’m in the next question is always “who are some of the cool famous people you’ve met?”. So this is a new segment called Hollywood or Humble, offering an insider’s prospective on who would appreciate your monetary support during a recession, and who thinks God granted them an asshole pass.

Kendrick Lamar might be from California but he’s far from Hollywood. I met K-Dot backstage at Masquerade in Atlanta right around the time Overly Dedicated dropped. The tape held my attention for all of one thorough listen before I filed it away in the uninterested folder (even I get caught sleeping on geniuses). But prior to the show Kendrick showed me a lot of love – especially for being a stranger in an industry full of wannabes and fan-stalkers – and he took all the pictures I wanted. It helped to be introduced to KL by Dow Jones, half of the production duo Tha Bizness. Either way, he could have turned his nose up at me but he patiently obliged my request for photo re-takes due to my inability to get perfect shots the first 3 times.

I smiled, shook hands, quickly thanked him for his time, and left the smoky room. Which is what you’re supposed to do when you meet a performer at a show – they have other things to do besides listen to you yap about who you know and what you supposedly got going on.

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