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Kendrick Lamar Claims NY Throne

On Big Sean’s Control, which was leaked online this past week, has caused fans and some rappers to go in a tizzy.  In the song, Kendrick Lamar claims to be the king of New York, a bold claim from someone who has only ever visited the city. Lamar was born and raised in Compton, which makes that line all the more weird. However, the controversy digs a bit deeper than that. Mere seconds later, Lamar name drops some pretty big and talented names like Drake, Mac Miller, Wale, and Tyler the Creator as artists he respects but artists he also wants to “murder.”


This list lacks the names of some southern rappers and many feel dissed that they weren’t mentioned. B.o.B. came out with a response shortly thereafter and Joell Ortiz from Slaughterhouse (omitted from the video above) also came forth with a diss record. Here them both here.

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<p>[via <a href=”http://www.inflexwetrust.com/2013/08/13/djfunkflexapp-exclusive-joell-ortiz-outta-control-response-to-kendrick-lamar/” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’,’outbound-article’,’http://www.inflexwetrust.com/2013/08/13/djfunkflexapp-exclusive-joell-ortiz-outta-control-response-to-kendrick-lamar/’]);” target=”_blank”>Flex</a>]</p>


Kendrick said something that wasn’t meant to be nefarious or villainous but competitive. Essentially, he says he’s the best and those aforementioned can’t do anything about it; but they can try. As more artists come forth to respond, So So Active will keep you updated.

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